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Multi Fuel Jute/Fabric Waste, Coal, Husk, Wood Fired Thermo Oil Boiler/Heater

Product Features

BAJ Series coal fired thermal oil heater use coal as fuel and thermal oil  as heat carrier, to transfer heat to heating equipment in liquid phase circulation via forced circulation oil pump, circulated oil re-heated in the main body of a once-trough boiler.

  • Achieve higher working temperature at a lower operation pressure to heating equipment.
  • Apply stable heating and temperature regulating.
  • Remain best energy efficiency at all load levels.
  • At 3000C, the heat carrier pressure in the liquid phase circulation is 1/70 of the steam pressure at same temperature, energy saving is 50% less than that of steam heating system.
  • Complete with total operation control and safety monitoring device.

Special Material Use : Carbon Steel Seamless Tube, Certified Safety Valve, European Standard Burner & Electrical Equipments.

Technical Specifications of BAJ-MT type Coal Thermal Oil Boiler